Flying with Korean Air to Seoul

This is a #throwback post. Correction, #waythrowback should be a more precise word to describe since it has been 18 months since I’ve flew with Korean Air to Seoul for the first time during February last year. That being said, I will be heading back to Seoul in another 2 months’ time for an Autumn experience.

So, what got me to choose Korean Air?

Same reason as why I flew Cathay Pacific to Taipei previously. However for this Seoul flight, the amount wasn’t just slightly extra as compared to AirAsia yet it wasn’t too pricey as well. Since I would be going to the airport right after work on a Friday and would be flying overnight to Seoul, the comfort that I will be enduring for the entire 6 hour flight matters. I don’t want to be looking crappy & extremely exhausted upon touch down because everyone looks good & almost perfect in Seoul (pun intended).

seoul-koreanair (7)

Our night flight was at 11.59pm and to my surprise, it was a full flight. We can totally tell from the line during check-in so the little hope of getting the entire row to ourselves was dismissed. I still managed to get a window seating (yays) so I wasn’t too bothered about it.

seoul-koreanair (18)seoul-koreanair (9)seoul-koreanair (22)

Like every other overnight flight, tidbits, juices and toiletries were distributed for customer to freshen up. Korean Air’s toiletries pack consist of not only toothbrush kit, they also have disposable slippers. Plus point for those who prefers to take their shoes off when you are on board – this lessen the trouble for you to have your shoes on and off whenever you need to go to the loo.

seoul-koreanair (19)

On the entertainment aspect, I wouldn’t say they have the best database but it was not too bad. Movies are pretty up to date (note: it was 18 months ago, thus what you are seeing on the photo is definitely not LATEST) whereas on music wise, it was quite limited. I was expecting to throw a couple of K-pop songs into a playlist and then put on my headphones to sleep the 7 hours away on repeat mode but that didn’t happen. I ended up creating a list of English songs – those that I listen to frequently on a daily basis. Meh.

seoul-koreanair (1)seoul-koreanair (12)seoul-koreanair (13)seoul-koreanair (20)

When I was given the choice between Western or Korean breakfast, I quickly made a decision to opt for the latter because I want to have the complete feel of flying with a Korean Airline with a local delicacy & not sausages, eggs, etc. Though after while I thought to myself – why porridge? I don’t even fancy having porridge for breakfast moreover after seeing the portion on the tray when the stewardess handed them to me, I regretted for a bit. But you know, for the sake of experience so why not?

seoul-koreanair (23)seoul-koreanair (24)seoul-koreanair (26)

So yeah, I had Juk – Korean porridge. It comes with a packet of vegetable seasoning so by mixing them together, it gives you a taste of the traditional breakfast without too much heft. Lil’ sista had the western breakfast – omelette, sausage, potatoes & peas. Their croissants were fluffy & nice too, I wanted/needed more! I am a sucker for buns on board. LOL.

While on my flight back to KL from Seoul, without a doubt I went for the western meal.

seoul-koreanair (2)seoul-koreanair (3)seoul-koreanair (5)seoul-koreanair (6)seoul-koreanair (4)
Imagine after having these Korean food (like as above) for 3 meals almost every day throughout my 9 days in Seoul, the desire to have non-Kimchi kind of food is overpowering. I couldn’t remember what I had, it could be either fish or chicken but I definitely still remember the cheese cake ice-cream that they served for dessert.

seoul-koreanair (15)seoul-koreanair (16)

Overall, my experience flying with Korean Air was just alright. I have no complains but nothing to shout about either. One more thing that I would like to highlight would be their baggage allowance. Passengers on economy are only given maximum 23kg and trust me when I say this is not sufficient for those travelling to Seoul for shopping. I didn’t exactly do much shopping yet my luggage came up to 28kg.

I believe it’s always important to check on your luggage allowance before booking a flight because you wouldn’t know how much space you need at the end of the day. I personally feel that 23kg is just not enough, even if I wasn’t going for a shopping trip – what about my bulky clothing for the cold weather? But no worries, on average other airlines are mostly offering 30kg baggage allowance for economy these days.

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Coffee Sprex – Mini Cafe operated by the Deafs at Taman Mayang, PJ

It’s not every day you come across a café that serves you inexpensive good food by the people, who the community generally considered as less fortunate. But the question is – how different are they from us? That aside for now, let me first share how did I find out about this place.

My aunt who lives around PJ area told me during a casual conversation that “there is this café that serves reasonable priced breakfast & the portion is relatively huge”. So, I took her words for it and headed over to check the place out.

coffee-sprex (1)

Coffee Sprex is half of a shop lot kind of café, thus don’t expect it to be as fancy and spacious like those hipster coffee joints that you may frequent to. The space is also fairly small so it is best to pay a visit with a crowd of less than 4 person; that is if you want to sit in one table together.

coffee-sprex (2)
Looking at the menu just leaves you indecisive on what to order. Though choices are somehow limited but imagine this – All Day Breakfast Set for RM5? Or Bacon Aglio Olio for RM7.50? I couldn’t believe myself such prices still exist, especially with the GST implemented in almost every eateries in Malaysia these days.

Obviously I had to go for The All Day BIG Breakfast (RM9.50). It comes with a Chicken Bratwurst, 2 Eggs, Bacon, Luncheon Meat & 2 slices of toast. Before you start chomping on the plate of goodness, a medium-sized bowl of corn flakes & unlimited house pouring coffee will be served first. Yes, The All Day BIG Breakfast comes with corn flakes too.
What a deal!

coffee-sprex (3)
coffee-sprex (5)
coffee-sprex (7)

Besides that, we had Carbonara Macaroni (RM5) as well as Bolognese Pork & Cheese Baguette Dip (RM5). Both tasted good.

coffee-sprex (6)
coffee-sprex (4)

There was no communication breakdown at all. The servers took our order easily with us indicating what we wanted by pointing at the menu. General basic hand signs was sufficient enough to convey requests like to refill your coffee, to get more butter, serviettes, etc.

They say good things are meant to be shared so here’s one hidden gem with affordable and good breakfast that I would highly recommend people to pay a visit.


Street Style Ways to wear Blazers


It’s 29th February today.

That makes it a leap year with additional ONE [1] day for us to feel younger about ourselves. Since it’s not every year that I come across 29th February, I decided to share & write about other than my usual norm on travelling & foodies.

As how people generally know me, I am a sucker for black outfits. Because undoubtedly, I see it as the most reliable colour that can go with anything else and EVERYONE KNOWS how it also hides those extra flesh and make us look somewhat thinner. You don’t know how much this colour has saved me from looking crappy in photos okay! #truestorybro


Yet, I don’t exactly dress up like Wednesday Addams every single day.
I don’t, like really.

I will ensure that I pair up some colours to go with my black outfit and most of the time,
blazer will be my ultimate choice.

I understand how blazers are to be seen as a formal type of outfit but throughout the years, it has definitely evolved into a trendy piece [and it keeps getting better & chic] to be wore on any time of the day. Women especially can rock the blazers in almost every situation – be it to work, parties, events, dates or even a casual day out.

And if you are clueless on the street style fashion looks to style wearing blazers. I reckon what you are about to read below may inspire you to be creative and pull an outfit together :

Bold Prints


Be the center of attention and boost up your mood by wearing bold print blazers. Bold prints will absolutely make you stand out in the crowd due to its trendy touch. Pull it off with a pair of boyfriend jeans or denim shorts for a rugged look on a casual day out. The trendy design of the blazer will make you appear energetic and in control in front of others.

Business Casual


Perk up those formal cut blazers by matching it with a combination of tank tops, skinny pants and high heels for the office. Look stylish at work or a business meeting and impress others with how amazing you appear. Be extra creative to pull that modern professional look while still looking fashionable from head-to-toe.

Floral Power


For the ladies who want to appear feminine, you can never go wrong with florals. Floral blazers will definitely perk up your girlish appeal easily. Match it with a plain base coloured skirt and flaunt the sweet outfit to a special date or a girl’s day out. Complete the outfit with a nice pair of wedges or high heels and step out with confidence.

So there you go, different way that you could flaunt your outfit with various kind of blazers. Because again, what could ever go wrong with pairing them with black, isn’t it?


Flying Vietnam Airlines to Hanoi

My first mother-daughter only trip to Vietnam with mummy!
And that would mean dad & lil’ sista stays home to look after the dog. Hehe.

Anyway, the idea to spend the weekend over at Hanoi one week before our birthday was planned pretty much at the eleventh hour. It was exactly right after the Phuket trip that I came across a decent deal so I thought to myself – WHY NOT? It’s about time I visit Vietnam for some authentic Pho since KL doesn’t offer much good places that serves one & if it’s not obvious enough, yes. I am craving for it! That say.. if any of you who is reading this knows of any delectable Vietnamese restaurants in KL, do feel free to share with me yea.

vietair (13)
vietair (2)
vietair (1)

We flew with Vietnam Airlines to Hanoi and had an evening flight on
VN680. If I was given a choice, I would definitely go for early morning flight but as that this was the only VA flight to Hanoi daily, I was left with no other options. Since it is going to be just a 3 hours flight, I was telling myself.. if it happens to be a bad flight;
I will just sleep it through. As easy as that.

We flew in Airbus A321 and I have to say that the seats were somewhat spacious as compared to the Boeing’s one. I have decent leg space as well and I am definitely pleased about it.

vietair (8)vietair (9)

Refreshing tissue was served immediately after takeoff and of course, it’s time for the passengers to fidget around with the in-flight entertainment isn’t it? Well, for this aspect. It works a little different in Vietnam Airlines for their short haul flight.

vietair (11)

There were no individual in-flight entertainment system but only a shared overhead monitor for passengers to watch (that would also mean you can’t pick what you want to see on that screen). So yeah, earphones were handed out and if you are not keen with the movie that was shown on the overhead monitor, just enjoy the music on your iPod like I do.

For meals, I would say their food was fairly good and is more towards Asian cuisine rather than having western served on board but hey, no complains. After all, I reckon 95% on board were Asian & 90% from that amount of people are probably Vietnamese.

vietair (4)vietair (5)vietair (14).JPG

Lights were dimmed after meals and shortly after I woke up from my one hour nap, we reached Hanoi. Hopped into our chartered taxi and after checking in, we called it a night.

vietair (15)vietair (6)

Overall, I would say it was a pleasurable experience flying with Vietnam Airlines. You are paying for a price almost equally the same as AirAsia but plus point with VA is that you get a complete meal served & unlimited drinks if you had to. Oh, and also more leg space. That is something that I should highlight about in regards of this flight.

vietair (3)
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