Taiwan II – Valentine’s day at Lover’s Bridge

Part II and continuous from the previous Taiwan’s post – Shihlin Night Market & Taipei City.

Coincidentally we were at Taipei on Valentine’s Day.
And awkwardly since I was there with my cousin and her bf,
I decided to give them the night off from me and go have their dinner date together or something.
But worrying that I will totally get lost around. YES, because I can’t read chinese nor converse well,
They left me with no choice so I had to tag along, So there you go!
The threesome Valentine’s Day celebration. I know. I know.
Go ahead and call me the “lamp post” or whatever but I have to admit,
I feel kind of bad that they couldn’t do what a couple should do on Valentine’s Day.

But yeah, we still managed to do a little tourist thingy (aside shopping) that day.
We headed over to the National Palace Museum first, then over to Tamsui Old Street,
and finally.. to the Lover’s Bridge.
A must go for couple on Valentine’s Day apparently.

Oh and in between, we stopped by at a couple of place for street foods.
Well you know, this is what Taiwan is famous for and its something that we should not miss.

How am I not suppose to feel inferior when there are couples all around me,
whilst I am the only single lad around?
Bad decision to tag along to the Lover’s Bridge with the cousin and the bf.
Should have hit the mall or night markets instead though.

First year being single after so long,
and being single abroad surrounded by lovey dovey couples around eh?
Sounds like a good experience to me.