The Change : And.. I finally did IT!


I was surprised myself that I finally did it.
Though occasionally I will have the thought of chopping my hair off but I am always skeptical.
To the fact that I have a round face shape, I wouldn’t even dare to imagine how I will look like.
So, it was always the long hair. THE LONGER THE BETTER! (in my honest opinion)
People who knows me well will notice how vain I am when it comes to my hair.
I will get upset with just 1-2 inches chopped off of my hair and would never go to a saloon unless necessary.


Besides, I heard that men are much attracted to chicks with long hair and shorter one appears less attractive. I am not too sure how true that can be but I do see hair flipping/playing with your hair as a gesture of flirting, and if one were to have short hair, how can you ever do that right? So yeah. I decided to stick to the norm – to keep my hair long and do whatever I can to make it look nice.


That weekend after I got back from Melbourne.
I woke up on a Sunday morning, sat on my bed and stare around my room for a while.
My mind was blank and I wasn’t thinking nor I was considering about anything at that point.
Then, a decision just came into my head and tell me that I should chop my hair off.
It was a now or never kind of decision and so after breakfast, I bid goodbye to my long hair.


I will usually go Ohmygod! Ohmygoodness! whenever I see that amount of hair on the ground,
But I don’t know why this time, I just smiled myself.
A sign of relief more than feeling stressed that my hair will never grow longer and etc.
More than half of the length of my hair was gone in less than 20 minutes time.
And this not a everyday thing that I go through.
Possibly the last time I had short hair was when I am 12 years old and that’s about than 10 years ago!

I have to admit it took me a couple of days to get used to not being able to sniff my hair, twiddle my hair, etc. But plus point of having short hair is I get to wake up 15 minutes later than usual every morning. What matters most is I feel a slight boost of self-confidence with this new hair! ❤

hairzanne-07 hairzanne-12

The month of June has been unpleasant to me.
I don’t feel like jotting down what happened in my blog yet, most probably I will in the future. Shall see.
But hey, I am pulling through well so far. I thank my family and friends for being there during tough times! It takes time. I would be lying if I tell you I am completely fine right now.
As I do understand the fact that if I don’t help myself, nobody could (sounded wrong but yeah lol).

I am looking forward to August.
Not only it’s my birthday month and I am turning a year older again,
Its also the month where a new chapter is about to begin.
Feeling excited and anxious at the same time.