Flying with Cathay Pacific to Taipei

 Usually I don’t find the type of Airline as an issue for me when it comes to booking a flight to somewhere, as long as the price is reasonable. Of course AirAsia would always be the first option whenever I feel like going for an impromptu getaway – CHEAPEST (sometimes) & FREE SEATS!

They sure do know Malaysians best when it comes to capturing our attention with such bombastic keywords like CHEAP & FREE. But that’s not about it. They might not be the cheapest as they claim/state they are.


While me and lil’ sista decided to go #YOLO and travel to Taiwan (a country where people mainly speak Mandarin Chinese and we are not good at it), we had the thoughts of flying Hello Kitty Eva Air but came to realized the route was only from Taipei to elsewhere.
Of course we were dissapointed. Since it’s pretty much exclusive to only Taiwanese.

Anyway, while looking into Eva Air – we were browsing through other premium airlines’ website and got pretty much attracted to Cathay Pacific. Why you may ask? Because mum mentioned before that one of my credit card is running promotions with them and they are offering 30kg baggage allowance too.

30kg baggage allowance + shopping in Taiwan sure do sound persuasive.

Thus, a little thinking and comparison was made and then,
we decided to settle down with Cathay Pacific with the difference of RM300 as compared to AirAsia, (EXCLUDING fee for baggage allowance + meal on board + entertainment).
I really don’t mind paying that amount to get refillable drinks with comfy pillow and blanket. Plus point, we get to stop by at Hong Kong International Airport (HKIA).



We flew in Boeing 777-300. I guess it wasn’t Airbus A330 or A380,
because our flight is not considered long haul;
looking at the fact it was a less than 5 hours flight, not including transit.
As they’ve won World’s Best Cabin Staff – we were greeted with big smile by helpful steward & stewardess.

Did I mention I managed to get myself windows seat again? YAYS.
And despite it being a morning flight, they gave us blanket and plushy pillow to huggles too! Then, we were served wet towel and refreshment.



Also, I have to compliment them on their selections of entertainment on board.
Some latest movie was already offered in the list and how could I not watch Super Trio TV show while on board with Cathay? It’s like a classic variety show that I’m pretty sure everyone who watches TVB knows of it. Hong Kong represent!


And I really do appreciate Airline that offers plug point.
That way, I can save up my Power Bank to use later while navigating myself around in a foreign land. The meal on board was good as well, no complains.. really.
As long as they give me extra buns when I request for them, I am contented.



While on our transit flight from Hong Kong >Taipei > Hong Kong,
we were served this pretty authentic Chinese noodles that I don’t even know what it’s called but it was damn good. Everyone slurped it in so quickly and we were given packet Oolong Tea to go with the noodles – a perfect combination.


Triumph in the Skies, indeed.
I don’t usually sleep that much on board (unless it’s a night flight),
so I’m always prepared with my camera to snap such views that could make me tear on the spot. LOL okay I exaggerated but truth is, I am mesmerized.

If you ask, will I fly with Cathay Pacific ever again? Answer is YES, most definitely.
Possibly for a long haul flight so that I could experience their Airbus A380, heard it’s the best though. In addition, feel free to check out my experience on other Airlines below :

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