Street Style Ways to wear Blazers


It’s 29th February today.

That makes it a leap year with additional ONE [1] day for us to feel younger about ourselves. Since it’s not every year that I come across 29th February, I decided to share & write about other than my usual norm on travelling & foodies.

As how people generally know me, I am a sucker for black outfits. Because undoubtedly, I see it as the most reliable colour that can go with anything else and EVERYONE KNOWS how it also hides those extra flesh and make us look somewhat thinner. You don’t know how much this colour has saved me from looking crappy in photos okay! #truestorybro


Yet, I don’t exactly dress up like Wednesday Addams every single day.
I don’t, like really.

I will ensure that I pair up some colours to go with my black outfit and most of the time,
blazer will be my ultimate choice.

I understand how blazers are to be seen as a formal type of outfit but throughout the years, it has definitely evolved into a trendy piece [and it keeps getting better & chic] to be wore on any time of the day. Women especially can rock the blazers in almost every situation – be it to work, parties, events, dates or even a casual day out.

And if you are clueless on the street style fashion looks to style wearing blazers. I reckon what you are about to read below may inspire you to be creative and pull an outfit together :

Bold Prints


Be the center of attention and boost up your mood by wearing bold print blazers. Bold prints will absolutely make you stand out in the crowd due to its trendy touch. Pull it off with a pair of boyfriend jeans or denim shorts for a rugged look on a casual day out. The trendy design of the blazer will make you appear energetic and in control in front of others.

Business Casual


Perk up those formal cut blazers by matching it with a combination of tank tops, skinny pants and high heels for the office. Look stylish at work or a business meeting and impress others with how amazing you appear. Be extra creative to pull that modern professional look while still looking fashionable from head-to-toe.

Floral Power


For the ladies who want to appear feminine, you can never go wrong with florals. Floral blazers will definitely perk up your girlish appeal easily. Match it with a plain base coloured skirt and flaunt the sweet outfit to a special date or a girl’s day out. Complete the outfit with a nice pair of wedges or high heels and step out with confidence.

So there you go, different way that you could flaunt your outfit with various kind of blazers. Because again, what could ever go wrong with pairing them with black, isn’t it?



My experiences with Airbnb & how it became my FIRST CHOICE

So, 8 months later and here I am back to bloggin’!
Trust me when I say I actually did want to update this space several times in the past,
But I got distracted and then lazy later on. End of story.

Crap aside… there has been a topic that I would like to talk about for quite some time right now. No, IT’S NOT THAT. I am not diagnosed with any terminal stage disease if you happen to think it’s a serious matter. It’s basically just about this awesome lodging website –


Call me shallow or that I am living under the rock but I only discovered Airbnb back in 2013. That was when I was looking for a last minute accommodation in Hobart through like I always do but it was out of my budget as it was only myself & Marcus for that trip. I got frustrated and I told him, we are going to end up sleeping in the street freezing our ass off until he suggested,

“why not try checking Airbnb out?”

Ever since,I started getting hooked up with booking my accommodation with Airbnb. I even developed a bad habit to check on the accommodations out first before I proceed to book my flight ticket to that destination. Either it’s just how things roll for me or that is how addictive Airbnb can be.

Up to date, I have stayed in 4 places in different countries through Airbnb booking and each and one of them never fails to impress me. Not only the hosts are friendly, informative and quick to respond to my enquiries; their apartment/house was exactly like how it was shown in the images. I am not too sure if it’s just my luck (touch wood) in getting decent accommodations but after staying at these places, I reckon it’s the quality of service that Airbnb has set for each host to ensure the guest’s well-being are taken care of in every aspect.


Below are the apartments via Airbnb booking that I have stayed before that I would like to shout about! Oh and all the below apartments are for 3 person and below, just in case if you are wondering but fred not, the host that I have stayed with has other units in the same building as well. Thus, it wouldn’t be a problem if you are going with a family of 10 or more.

Note : This is not an advertorial and I don’t get paid to blog about it. I am doing this because I would like to share my good experience with decent accommodations because how can a holiday trip be complete without a good sleep/stay isn’t it?

Taipei, TAIWAN – Comfy Studio Apartment at Songshan District
[ click to view Airbnb page ]

We stayed at Prue’s studio apartment for 6 days at RM163/per night. No words could describe how comfortable and homely this place can be. I immediately fell in love with the interior and wished to live by my own just like this. I like how the apartment is divided into a living area & sleeping area.
This makes the whole studio looks spacious and for Taiwan’s standard,
this is quite a huge apartment I would say.

taiwan_apt (1)   The lounge area at each floor before entering your apartment

taiwan_apt (2)The living room area

taiwan_apt (4)The other side’s view of the living area

taiwan_apt (10)

 In addition, the apartment is strategically located 3 minutes (walk) from Raohe Night Market and I could easily find 7-11 like just around the corner. Though the apartment isn’t near any MRT station but the bus line is directly in front after exiting the apartment and trust me when I say, it brings you everywhere all the way to Ximending. Even for someone who isn’t that familiar in reading Chinese like me, I can assure you that taking the bus is easy because they have English announcement on board as well so what are the odds that you will miss your stop? Probably never.

taiwan_apt (6) Glass divider between the living room & sleeping area

taiwan_apt (7)

taiwan_apt (8) The bedroom area

taiwan_apt (9)The view that I wake up to in the morning

taiwan_apt (11)taiwan_apt (12) Panoramic view of the apartment

Melbourne, AUSTRALIA – Double room ensuite shower at Lygon Street
[ click to view Airbnb page ]

Usually when I make a trip back to Melbourne, I would stay at a friend’s place but this time around, I decided to have the whole place to myself. Initially I wanted to stay back at the neighbourhood that I previously lived in at North Melbourne but there were not much that was available.
So while I was browsing for similar accommodation,
this particular 2 bedroom apartment immediately caught my attention.

I stayed 7 days at Antonio’s apartment at RM140/per night. I like how the apartment was not too big, nor it was too small and would be just enough for a solo person like me to stay in because I really do like buying groceries and cook whenever I am back in Melbourne. Little things I do to reminisce those good old Uni days. LOL. Anyway, back to describing the apartment.
I was wrong when I thought it was not too big – it turns out to be rather huge.
Especially my room, it’s so spacious I can keep 10 huge luggages in that room I kid you not.

melb-apt (1)The living room area

melb-apt (3)

melb-apt (4)The kitchen area

The double bed was ultra-comfortable. I was so tired after catching a flight right after work that once I reached the apartment at about 10am, I dozed off until 4pm. Oh and I went during winter, so the electric blanket that they provide is sufficient enough to keep me warm & cozy.

Transportation wise? Fred not as by walking 2 minutes across the street and I am able to catch the tram 1 and 8 into the CBD. Downside is that they don’t provide toiletries but no fuss, you can bring your own. They do provide towels so that’s good enough for me.

melb-apt (5)Stairs up to the bedrooms

melb-apt (6)

melb-apt (9)

Seoul, SOUTH KOREA – Atelier White Studio Apartment at Sindang-dong 
[ click to view Airbnb page ]

This is my first time to Seoul so I’m very particular with my accommodation since I couldn’t converse in their language and if I were to be in an unfamiliar neighbourhood, it would be very difficult for us to get around. Again, I was browsing around Airbnb and then I came across this studio apartment. I couldn’t help myself but to feel that THIS IS THE ONE. People has been telling me that Hongdae or Itaewon will be a good area to stay in as its convenient and close to everywhere but this particular is in Sindang.
Lil’ sista and I decided to give it a go since we read the reviews and heard the location was good.
This is where we then spent a total of 9 days at Dorothy’s studio apartment at RM200/per night.

seoul-apt (1)The view of the apartment from outside

seoul-apt (4)

seoul-apt (3)Fully equipped with refrigerator, microwave and coffee machine

seoul-apt (6)Drawer full of cooking and dining utensils

seoul-apt (5)Cooking area & washing machine available

This studio apartment is very strategically located 2 minutes walk away from Sindang station that is in the same line as Dongdaemun, Ewha, Myeongdeong, etc. I love how I don’t need to change train line to do my shopping. You know how girls work when it comes to shopping with that bags & bags of goodness. Imagine that! LOL. There were convenient stores downstairs of the apartment as well as good local restaurants nearby that often, we eat just around the corner because they were yummy and affordable. Any local delicacies from Tteokbokki, Kimbap, Jjigae, Jajangmyeon..
you name it, you will be able to find it.

I just love the fact that Sindang is a neighbourhood that is close to the city. Like I am able to live among the locals and indulge on how their daily’s is like. I mean after all, that’s the experience that you would want to gain while traveling ain’t it?

seoul-apt (2)Two single beds/double bed

seoul-apt (8)

seoul-apt (9)The bathroom

seoul-apt (7)Olleh Skylife TV with every latest Korean drama & variety shows for you to watch 24 hours

I have blogged about the 4th Airbnb accommodation before here – Nature trippin’ to Hobart, Tasmania where we stayed 5 days in a townhouse at Moonah. In a nutshell, my overall experience with Airbnb has been awesome so far and if I had a choice; I would pick them over staying in a hotel. After all, the kind of price you pay for a budget hotel could actually get you a nice and cozy (maybe slightly smaller) studio apartment in Airbnb.

Because for me, clearly I rather spend that extra money splurging on shopping! ❤


Review : Lenovo K900 & Ninetology U9Z1+

This has to be my longest hiatus ever on my blog.

I can’t deny the fact that after I have started working (advertising – never your typical NINE TO SIX job),
I concentrated less on blogging in relation to my daily’s as well as writing reviews.
Thus, I missed a couple of paid posts within the 8 months of not being in action.
BUT… its better late than never.

So, one day Ninetology called me and informed that there are two loan units of Ninetology U9Z1+ and Lenovo K900 for me to venture and write review about them. I don’t typically do tech reviews (especially phone) but I was pretty keen to find out more about Ninetology. Not a common brand you can hear all the time when it comes to mobile, isn’t it? It has always been SAMSUNG and APPLE in the front line, its either this or that.

Then, Ninetology came and presented  me with this opportunity.
Do bear with me as I am not an expert when it comes to gadget,
so what you are about to read is merely my opinion,
and I will not compare the two phones as they are both distinctive in their own way.

Lenovo K900

lenovok900 (1)
lenovok900 (5)
???????????????????????????????Meet the metal-made Lenovo K900. Currently in the market, it’s selling at RM1,500. 

When I first held the K900, I fell almost immediately in love with it.
Don’t ask me why, I just did.
Even though it was enormous and way bigger than the other smartphones you can find out there.
Okay wait, maybe I exaggerated a bit on the size but this phone is rather slim as well.

lenovok900 (6)
lenovok900 (4)The size of K900 as compared to my current iPhone5

 Also, before I proceed on my review, the specification of the Lenovo K900 is as below :

lenovok900 (1)

The user interface (UI) is awe-inspiring. The Lenovo K900 runs on Android, it differs in a superior approach. There are various applications built in, a lot of customizable options to keep things individual and all transitions and UI related functions run flawlessly.

lenovok900 (2)
lenovok900 (3)
lenovok900 (4)

The imaging on the K900 is called SuperCamera and the image viewer is called SuperGallery. The self-claimed Super Gallery is quite feature-full and it allows creation of combined images and GIFs. It also comes with lots of photo editing effects – such perfect combo for a person that likes to camwhore.

lenovok900 (7)
lenovok900 (5)

For a media savvy person, the HD resolution of the phone gives you a pleasure in viewing YouTube videos and browsing social media platforms. Perfect, just perfect.

I would have opt to buy this phone if it wasn’t for the rush in getting an iPhone few months back.

Ninetology U9Z1+

U9Z1 (2)
U9Z1 (1)

Check the U9Z1+ Top Notch out for RM1,299.
Worth the price for all that comes in the box.
The specification of the phone as below and do take note on the accessories column.
That is what I mean by its worth the price. And you must be wondering why is it called Top Notch?
This is because of its premium aluminium build quality and toughened Gorilla Glass.

U9Z1 (6)

U9Z1 (3)

U9Z1 (4)

The size of it is relatively fine. Not as big as the Lenovo K900,
just that its slightly (JUST slightly) bigger than my iPhone 5.
As for the user interface (UI) for Ninetology U9Z1+,
it doesn’t come in a customized theme like Lenovo K900 and alike with most Android theme,
it comes in Pure Vanilla Jelly Bean Android.

U9Z1 (3)
U9Z1 (4)

Oh and additionally, it has such appealing emoticons. Does this comes in all Android OS? Or is it just Ninetology mobile? Correct me if I am wrong but this is just so cute!

U9Z1 (5)

There you go with my review on the Lenovo K900 and Ninetology U9Z1+. I reckon they are user-friendly and what’s important that I notice from these two phones – their processor is fast. And that would mean they don’t lag much. Ding ding. Now, that’s a PLUS POINT!

Before I wrap this review post up, do subscribe to Ninetology newsletter if you are keen to purchase their product for a cheaper price as they will be giving out RM15,000 to RM20,00 worth of Ninetology E-vouchers every month to the first 100 person who subscribes to their newsletter by clicking the banner :