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6 months down.. here’s another 6 more until 2016!

We are now in the month of July.
It just struck me that 6 months has passed by..
and we are left with another 6 months more until 2016?


I seriously couldn’t imagine how time flies! I used to be eager & looking forward to growing up, to quickly leave high school and to venture into college & university because people made it seem so cool to live life as a teenager but yeah, I don’t feel that way anymore. I want time to slow down.

No wait… actually let me re-phrase that.

I would want time to slow down anytime aside from working hours.
That, I still want time flies to apply. LOL.

Beside the fact that I am now an aunt to 20 nephews and nieces (and counting), the first half of 2015 has been pleasurably productive for me. From exploring new places, venturing into different opportunities, recoupling with friends that I have not met for years, etc – all these definitely put a smile on my face. Sure there are a couple of downside happening but really, it doesn’t bother me as much as it did in the past. Woots, high five myself.

So here’s a quick update on what happened in the past 6 months.


Yup, the above statement states it all. I have attended two weddings earlier this year with both my primary school friend & Uni mate getting married to their long-time sweetheart. Words couldn’t describe how happy I am for them because I love weddings, especially the speech part. It could get me all emotional at times. I remember shedding tears of happiness on my childhood friend’s tea ceremony because seeing her cry makes me want to myself. YES, I am quite an emotional person but who isn’t? Like hello everyone is made of flesh & blood so yeah, we do have feelings!

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However, the positive side of attending weddings is that I am able to catch up with friends that I have not met in years as well as meeting new one. Common topic these days usually comprise like where are you working right now? Who’s getting married next? What business are you up to?


I remember how I used to vow to not do impromptu holiday bookings that I did a couple of time previously because I have a bad habit of doing random air fare check & book whenever convenient. But yeah.. #YOLO (You only live once). So if this is not the time and age to do the most random stuffs, when should I be waiting to do so? When I turn 30 years old? Hell friggin’ no. Now’s the time. Screw everyone who thinks that I am loaded because I travel so much. Trust me when I say with proper planning, it’s not expensive. You can have my words on that.


I went to Seoul in February, a place that was never in my list of expected country to visit as I prefer going to places that they understand me & I understand them (language barrier) with no extreme communication breakdown but lil’ sista managed to pursued me to tag along. Also, a high school buddy has moved back to Seoul so I reckon it wouldn’t be a bad idea. I went crazy with shopping at Seoul that I was this close to paying excessive luggage fee but the Korean Air counter lady was nice and let me go with that additional 8kg. Managed to spend a good amount of time catching up with Janus as well since it has been years since we actually hung out. Couldn’t thank him enough for showing us the city in a non-tourist way!



Not long after returning from Seoul, the company sent me on an ad hoc business trip to Kelantan – Bachok & Pengkalan Chepa, two small town in Kelantan itself. I was notified about this trip just 12 hours before flying so it was an early morning flight the next day. My first time flying Firefly as well, will write a separate review about my flying experience with them the next time.



To be very honest, I have no idea what to expect out of this. I have heard that Kelantan is not as progressive as KL, where people are rather laid back, etc. On top of that, this is my first time flying solo for work purposes so yes, I was pretty nervous.
But things turned out to be very different from what I thought.

People in Kelantan are friendly and nice. From the taxi driver to the old uncle that I randomly speak to just because we were playing with the same cat, everyone was just living their simple village sort of life happily. I feel that the Kelantanese are genuine people thus, this business trip was definitely an eye opening experience.



Oh. And not forgetting how my luggage was damaged upon picking it up.
I saw how they transferred and handle our luggage, extremely unprofessional! I was very upset because instead of sending back my repaired luggage to me, they said that I needed to go to the airport and collect it myself. I was like, WHAT?!

Other airlines actually send it to your doorstep and sometimes even replaced the damage one with a new luggage. But yeah, guess it was just my luck that of all the luggages out there, it has to be mine that lose a wheel.

Anyway, back to the travelling story..

Matta Fair Sales happened right after I returned from Kelantan. While the colleagues & I was just looking around just for fun on the air fares, we ended up booking ourselves a trip to Phuket during the Labour Day long weekend. Another case of impromptu booking but like I say, #YOLO. It was my first time to Phuket and I major love that place. Though it’s a tiny weeny sunny and I got sunburned, it was really nice to spend quality time on the beautiful island of Koh Tachai.


Last but not least, I am going to Hanoi end of this month.
Friggin’ looking forward for Halong Bay & to indulge on Bún Chả & Cà Phê Trứng!


It’s like a yearly thing to attend the MACC Comedy Night and because I did as well this year, I was lead to attending the ‘Laugh Die You’ event with almost all my favourite stand-up comedians in act. Yays to Douglas Lim as well as Kumar Drag Queen & Gurmit Singh a.k.a Phua Chu Kang. Extremely pleased to watch them in act on the same stage but it would be definitely more awesome to have Harith Iskander as well then it would be perfect.




How can this not be the news of the year? The pampered ‘princess’ of the family has finally finished her studies and off she goes to the real world. Can’t wait for the time where she will come back home late on certain days complaining how tired & stress out she is or how her boss turns out to be awful or bitchy then I can say this to her face – “WELCOME TO REALITY, BIATCH! NOT EVERY HUMAN BEING IS AS ACCOMODATING AND NICE AS US”. LOL. I know I sounded like a meanie older sister but at the end of the day, I will still lend her a hand whenever she is in need.



That’s all folks, for the first half of my 2015. Haven’t exactly gotten the second half of my year planned out yet but I sure am looking forward to spending good times venturing into new experiences & spending more time with my family & friends.



The Gardens Residence and Alexis Bistro

Had a pretty intense month right after Chinese New Year.
But during these times, I learned that I’m very blessed to be a part of a kin with strong family bonds,
both from my mom and dad’s side. Indeed, I am feeling grateful.

Anyhow, flashback to October last year – Sharon’s Bachelorette Party at Garden’s Residence.
The irony, though. Sharon is close to 6 months pregnant now,
and I’m just about to talk about her bachelorette night.
But I insist on writing up a post about this for two reasons :

i) To highlight the awesomeness of The Gardens Residence
ii) To pen down a memorable occasion of celebrating my closest cousin’s last day of singlehood

We started this off as a surprise. So, lil’ sista has to distract Sharon (to meet up with us later) while me and Melody checked in to the apartment first and started decorating everywhere with balloons and etc. But before we do so, I was impressed with how simple and comfy the apartment is the moment I stepped in. It’s affordable for the amount of money we pay a night! Plus point, the kitchen is fully-equipped with all cooking utensils available as well as utensils.


IMG_4327The living room

IMG_4328The kitchen area

IMG_4422IMG_4424Cooking utensils and all kind of cutlery



IMG_4341The master bedroom

IMG_4004The master bedroom’s bathroom

IMG_4337The another bedroom


IMG_4439The view outside of the apartment

And we took like a gazillion shots before we leave the apartment to do some shopping and massage.
Hehe. Typically us, girls.




IMG_4378Siblings LOVE! 

We had our dinner at Alexis.
Food was good especially the dessert – Mixed Berry Meringue and Tiramisu. It’s a total foodgasm!



IMG_4489Grilled Marinated Calamari

IMG_4484Salad Bowl

IMG_4490Baked Button Mushroom Tapas

IMG_4496Gamberetto Pizza

IMG_4501Angelhair Aglio Olio

IMG_4503Slow Roasted Duck Magret

IMG_4509Mixed Berry Meringue


An awesome day celebrated. Now, I can’t wait to organize the baby shower for my cousin dearest.
Oh, how time flies. What’s next after baby shower? Baby’s full month.. baby’s 1st birthday.. etc.
Yes. I am very excited to be an aunt again.


Bloggers Help to Spread Love for the Children at The Ramakrishna Ashrama


Just few days ago,
it just struck me that it has been such a while since I have done charity work and visit.
With those days I spent in high schools running and being active in Charity Club..
organizing fund raising events and setting up visits to orphanage and down syndrome home,
It then got me to realize how lucky I am being a child with my parents providing me with the best.

And this only come about after those visitations to the orphanage home.
Even after leaving high school, I had this thought with me until college,
where the classmates and I organized a fund raising event for the orphanage home as a part of our project.

What’s the outcome from organizing such visitations, you may ask?
Of course it is to spread awareness to the public about the existence of children out there,
who needs our support, attention and care.


So, instead of splurging your money to upgrade your iPhone 4 to iPhone 5,
why not contribute that amount of fund to raise a kid?
To allow him/her to live a life like every other kid?
I believe that every child deserve to have an awesome childhood!

3 Children’s home visitation took place last month in Penang,
and since they are non-governmental and charitable home,
sponsors and donation work as their core foundation to provide for the kids.


Penang, 3rd February 2013 — About 40 bloggers and public visited The Ramakrishna Ashrama to distribute food, beverages and gadgets, sponsored by various commercial entities. It’s a philanthropic exercise not only by businesses in executing their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) but by everyone to give back to the society, thus making life more bearable for everyone in need. The event is made possible by Crowdpot Sdn Bhd (Event Organizer), Ninetology Malaysia, SUBWAY® (Suntech, iAvenue, & Leith Street branches), Chatime Malaysia, Langkawi Saga Travel & Tours Sdn. Bhd. and Alextan Artworks.


The Ramakrishna Ashrama (Orphanage), Penang is a charitable organization founded in 1938 under the inspiration and guidance of His Holiness Swami Bhaswarananda Maharaj who was then stationed at The Ramakrishna Mission, Singapore. Apart from spiritual activities, the Ashrama runs an orphanage, catering for both boys and girls with ages ranging from 6 to 20 years old.

The orphanage admits needy orphaned children who are poor and need the help from the society to assist them with basic needs and education. The children in the home are given proper education and are well cared for so that they will grow up to be useful citizens. Besides education, the girls learn traditional dancing, cooking and housekeeping. Children excelling well academically are encouraged to pursue higher education.



The estimated cost to support a child at Ramakrishna Ashrama RM1,500 per annum.
The breakdown cost is as follows.

Education: RM500
Food: RM600
Maintenance: RM300
Miscellaneous: RM100


Donation to The Ramakrishna can be done only via CIMB Cares (

Orphan Admission:

A child with either no parents or with a single parent who supports the child can be admitted to the Ashrama under the following circumstances:

–  He/she is from age 6 and above.
–  The parent or relatives has no means of supporting the child.
–  The child has been mistreated or abused.
( Referred by the Jabatan Kebajikan Negeri or community leaders )

Other Information:

The Ramakrishna Ashrama
No 37, Jalan Scotland, 10450 Pulau Pinang
Tel: 04-2270869
Fax: 04-2278921