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Flying with Korean Air to Seoul

This is a #throwback post. Correction, #waythrowback should be a more precise word to describe since it has been 18 months since I’ve flew with Korean Air to Seoul for the first time during February last year. That being said, I will be heading back to Seoul in another 2 months’ time for an Autumn experience.

So, what got me to choose Korean Air?

Same reason as why I flew Cathay Pacific to Taipei previously. However for this Seoul flight, the amount wasn’t just slightly extra as compared to AirAsia yet it wasn’t too pricey as well. Since I would be going to the airport right after work on a Friday and would be flying overnight to Seoul, the comfort that I will be enduring for the entire 6 hour flight matters. I don’t want to be looking crappy & extremely exhausted upon touch down because everyone looks good & almost perfect in Seoul (pun intended).

seoul-koreanair (7)

Our night flight was at 11.59pm and to my surprise, it was a full flight. We can totally tell from the line during check-in so the little hope of getting the entire row to ourselves was dismissed. I still managed to get a window seating (yays) so I wasn’t too bothered about it.

seoul-koreanair (18)seoul-koreanair (9)seoul-koreanair (22)

Like every other overnight flight, tidbits, juices and toiletries were distributed for customer to freshen up. Korean Air’s toiletries pack consist of not only toothbrush kit, they also have disposable slippers. Plus point for those who prefers to take their shoes off when you are on board – this lessen the trouble for you to have your shoes on and off whenever you need to go to the loo.

seoul-koreanair (19)

On the entertainment aspect, I wouldn’t say they have the best database but it was not too bad. Movies are pretty up to date (note: it was 18 months ago, thus what you are seeing on the photo is definitely not LATEST) whereas on music wise, it was quite limited. I was expecting to throw a couple of K-pop songs into a playlist and then put on my headphones to sleep the 7 hours away on repeat mode but that didn’t happen. I ended up creating a list of English songs – those that I listen to frequently on a daily basis. Meh.

seoul-koreanair (1)seoul-koreanair (12)seoul-koreanair (13)seoul-koreanair (20)

When I was given the choice between Western or Korean breakfast, I quickly made a decision to opt for the latter because I want to have the complete feel of flying with a Korean Airline with a local delicacy & not sausages, eggs, etc. Though after while I thought to myself – why porridge? I don’t even fancy having porridge for breakfast moreover after seeing the portion on the tray when the stewardess handed them to me, I regretted for a bit. But you know, for the sake of experience so why not?

seoul-koreanair (23)seoul-koreanair (24)seoul-koreanair (26)

So yeah, I had Juk – Korean porridge. It comes with a packet of vegetable seasoning so by mixing them together, it gives you a taste of the traditional breakfast without too much heft. Lil’ sista had the western breakfast – omelette, sausage, potatoes & peas. Their croissants were fluffy & nice too, I wanted/needed more! I am a sucker for buns on board. LOL.

While on my flight back to KL from Seoul, without a doubt I went for the western meal.

seoul-koreanair (2)seoul-koreanair (3)seoul-koreanair (5)seoul-koreanair (6)seoul-koreanair (4)
Imagine after having these Korean food (like as above) for 3 meals almost every day throughout my 9 days in Seoul, the desire to have non-Kimchi kind of food is overpowering. I couldn’t remember what I had, it could be either fish or chicken but I definitely still remember the cheese cake ice-cream that they served for dessert.

seoul-koreanair (15)seoul-koreanair (16)

Overall, my experience flying with Korean Air was just alright. I have no complains but nothing to shout about either. One more thing that I would like to highlight would be their baggage allowance. Passengers on economy are only given maximum 23kg and trust me when I say this is not sufficient for those travelling to Seoul for shopping. I didn’t exactly do much shopping yet my luggage came up to 28kg.

I believe it’s always important to check on your luggage allowance before booking a flight because you wouldn’t know how much space you need at the end of the day. I personally feel that 23kg is just not enough, even if I wasn’t going for a shopping trip – what about my bulky clothing for the cold weather? But no worries, on average other airlines are mostly offering 30kg baggage allowance for economy these days.

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Flying Vietnam Airlines to Hanoi

My first mother-daughter only trip to Vietnam with mummy!
And that would mean dad & lil’ sista stays home to look after the dog. Hehe.

Anyway, the idea to spend the weekend over at Hanoi one week before our birthday was planned pretty much at the eleventh hour. It was exactly right after the Phuket trip that I came across a decent deal so I thought to myself – WHY NOT? It’s about time I visit Vietnam for some authentic Pho since KL doesn’t offer much good places that serves one & if it’s not obvious enough, yes. I am craving for it! That say.. if any of you who is reading this knows of any delectable Vietnamese restaurants in KL, do feel free to share with me yea.

vietair (13)
vietair (2)
vietair (1)

We flew with Vietnam Airlines to Hanoi and had an evening flight on
VN680. If I was given a choice, I would definitely go for early morning flight but as that this was the only VA flight to Hanoi daily, I was left with no other options. Since it is going to be just a 3 hours flight, I was telling myself.. if it happens to be a bad flight;
I will just sleep it through. As easy as that.

We flew in Airbus A321 and I have to say that the seats were somewhat spacious as compared to the Boeing’s one. I have decent leg space as well and I am definitely pleased about it.

vietair (8)vietair (9)

Refreshing tissue was served immediately after takeoff and of course, it’s time for the passengers to fidget around with the in-flight entertainment isn’t it? Well, for this aspect. It works a little different in Vietnam Airlines for their short haul flight.

vietair (11)

There were no individual in-flight entertainment system but only a shared overhead monitor for passengers to watch (that would also mean you can’t pick what you want to see on that screen). So yeah, earphones were handed out and if you are not keen with the movie that was shown on the overhead monitor, just enjoy the music on your iPod like I do.

For meals, I would say their food was fairly good and is more towards Asian cuisine rather than having western served on board but hey, no complains. After all, I reckon 95% on board were Asian & 90% from that amount of people are probably Vietnamese.

vietair (4)vietair (5)vietair (14).JPG

Lights were dimmed after meals and shortly after I woke up from my one hour nap, we reached Hanoi. Hopped into our chartered taxi and after checking in, we called it a night.

vietair (15)vietair (6)

Overall, I would say it was a pleasurable experience flying with Vietnam Airlines. You are paying for a price almost equally the same as AirAsia but plus point with VA is that you get a complete meal served & unlimited drinks if you had to. Oh, and also more leg space. That is something that I should highlight about in regards of this flight.

vietair (3)
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Sizzler – Steak, Seafood & Salad in Thailand

Just got back from Hatyai with the family last week.
The family & I decided on this trip at such short notice so the flight tickets were somewhat costly. I guess it’s also because AirAsia was the only airline that flies to Hatyai from KL, hence there was no other alternative other than driving ourselves or commuting on a bus there.

Oh. Did I mention that it has been 15 years since I last visited this part of Thailand? With this trip to Hatyai once again after so many years, undoubtedly Bangkok still wins my heart – shopping was way better over in BKK. Nevertheless, good time was spent with the family where we diggin’ to loads of local Thai delicacies and of course, the street food.

This brings me to the point of this post.
A place where I would highly recommended everyone who goes to Hatyai to pay this eatery a visit. Note that this place doesn’t exactly represent Thai local delicacies but because IT SERVES LIP-SMACKING PORK (true story and not exaggerating), I just had to share it with you guys.

Sizzler is strategically located at Lee Gardens Plaza at Level 2, where our hotel is located as well in the same building. It’s exactly in the central of Hatyai city so it is hard for you to miss it.

* Sizzler is not only available in Hatyai but throughout Thailand. You can check their locations out here.

07 06

All you need to do is order yourself a main course and then you are on your way to enjoy the awesome free-flow salad bar with overwhelming servings like edamame, red cabbage, bacon bits, roasted pumpkin, salsa, & many more that comes in a freshly manner. Furthermore, there are free-flow soup, pasta and desserts too. Just look at the choices that they have.

One reason why I adore Sizzler is that they have combination meal like fish & pork, beef & pork, chicken & fish, etc. They do have meat served by its own as well but I highly recommend that you try their combination platter out because you can have the best of both world from only 399baht onwards. I reckon the price is reasonable with the quality of food served.

These are what we had at Sizzler.
All lip-smackingly delightful.
That my friend in ordinary term would means, DELICIOUS!

IMG_9308My portion of greens from the Salad Bar01BBQ Pork Boston
0203Char-Grilled Beef Loin & Pepper Pork Loin

04Grilled Basa & Pepper Pork Loin

08Mixed Grilled Seafood

And if you were to ask me what’s the best, I would say – Pork Loin.
The meat is particularly tender and juicy that gives you happiness in every bite you take.That is why the pork loin is compulsory to try with either chicken, beef, fish or seafood.

Writing this now actually makes me miss having Sizzler already  T__T
Oh well, until my next trip to Thailand..
ending this post with a selfie with my lil’ sista after a satisfying meal.



6 months down.. here’s another 6 more until 2016!

We are now in the month of July.
It just struck me that 6 months has passed by..
and we are left with another 6 months more until 2016?


I seriously couldn’t imagine how time flies! I used to be eager & looking forward to growing up, to quickly leave high school and to venture into college & university because people made it seem so cool to live life as a teenager but yeah, I don’t feel that way anymore. I want time to slow down.

No wait… actually let me re-phrase that.

I would want time to slow down anytime aside from working hours.
That, I still want time flies to apply. LOL.

Beside the fact that I am now an aunt to 20 nephews and nieces (and counting), the first half of 2015 has been pleasurably productive for me. From exploring new places, venturing into different opportunities, recoupling with friends that I have not met for years, etc – all these definitely put a smile on my face. Sure there are a couple of downside happening but really, it doesn’t bother me as much as it did in the past. Woots, high five myself.

So here’s a quick update on what happened in the past 6 months.


Yup, the above statement states it all. I have attended two weddings earlier this year with both my primary school friend & Uni mate getting married to their long-time sweetheart. Words couldn’t describe how happy I am for them because I love weddings, especially the speech part. It could get me all emotional at times. I remember shedding tears of happiness on my childhood friend’s tea ceremony because seeing her cry makes me want to myself. YES, I am quite an emotional person but who isn’t? Like hello everyone is made of flesh & blood so yeah, we do have feelings!

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However, the positive side of attending weddings is that I am able to catch up with friends that I have not met in years as well as meeting new one. Common topic these days usually comprise like where are you working right now? Who’s getting married next? What business are you up to?


I remember how I used to vow to not do impromptu holiday bookings that I did a couple of time previously because I have a bad habit of doing random air fare check & book whenever convenient. But yeah.. #YOLO (You only live once). So if this is not the time and age to do the most random stuffs, when should I be waiting to do so? When I turn 30 years old? Hell friggin’ no. Now’s the time. Screw everyone who thinks that I am loaded because I travel so much. Trust me when I say with proper planning, it’s not expensive. You can have my words on that.


I went to Seoul in February, a place that was never in my list of expected country to visit as I prefer going to places that they understand me & I understand them (language barrier) with no extreme communication breakdown but lil’ sista managed to pursued me to tag along. Also, a high school buddy has moved back to Seoul so I reckon it wouldn’t be a bad idea. I went crazy with shopping at Seoul that I was this close to paying excessive luggage fee but the Korean Air counter lady was nice and let me go with that additional 8kg. Managed to spend a good amount of time catching up with Janus as well since it has been years since we actually hung out. Couldn’t thank him enough for showing us the city in a non-tourist way!



Not long after returning from Seoul, the company sent me on an ad hoc business trip to Kelantan – Bachok & Pengkalan Chepa, two small town in Kelantan itself. I was notified about this trip just 12 hours before flying so it was an early morning flight the next day. My first time flying Firefly as well, will write a separate review about my flying experience with them the next time.



To be very honest, I have no idea what to expect out of this. I have heard that Kelantan is not as progressive as KL, where people are rather laid back, etc. On top of that, this is my first time flying solo for work purposes so yes, I was pretty nervous.
But things turned out to be very different from what I thought.

People in Kelantan are friendly and nice. From the taxi driver to the old uncle that I randomly speak to just because we were playing with the same cat, everyone was just living their simple village sort of life happily. I feel that the Kelantanese are genuine people thus, this business trip was definitely an eye opening experience.



Oh. And not forgetting how my luggage was damaged upon picking it up.
I saw how they transferred and handle our luggage, extremely unprofessional! I was very upset because instead of sending back my repaired luggage to me, they said that I needed to go to the airport and collect it myself. I was like, WHAT?!

Other airlines actually send it to your doorstep and sometimes even replaced the damage one with a new luggage. But yeah, guess it was just my luck that of all the luggages out there, it has to be mine that lose a wheel.

Anyway, back to the travelling story..

Matta Fair Sales happened right after I returned from Kelantan. While the colleagues & I was just looking around just for fun on the air fares, we ended up booking ourselves a trip to Phuket during the Labour Day long weekend. Another case of impromptu booking but like I say, #YOLO. It was my first time to Phuket and I major love that place. Though it’s a tiny weeny sunny and I got sunburned, it was really nice to spend quality time on the beautiful island of Koh Tachai.


Last but not least, I am going to Hanoi end of this month.
Friggin’ looking forward for Halong Bay & to indulge on Bún Chả & Cà Phê Trứng!


It’s like a yearly thing to attend the MACC Comedy Night and because I did as well this year, I was lead to attending the ‘Laugh Die You’ event with almost all my favourite stand-up comedians in act. Yays to Douglas Lim as well as Kumar Drag Queen & Gurmit Singh a.k.a Phua Chu Kang. Extremely pleased to watch them in act on the same stage but it would be definitely more awesome to have Harith Iskander as well then it would be perfect.




How can this not be the news of the year? The pampered ‘princess’ of the family has finally finished her studies and off she goes to the real world. Can’t wait for the time where she will come back home late on certain days complaining how tired & stress out she is or how her boss turns out to be awful or bitchy then I can say this to her face – “WELCOME TO REALITY, BIATCH! NOT EVERY HUMAN BEING IS AS ACCOMODATING AND NICE AS US”. LOL. I know I sounded like a meanie older sister but at the end of the day, I will still lend her a hand whenever she is in need.



That’s all folks, for the first half of my 2015. Haven’t exactly gotten the second half of my year planned out yet but I sure am looking forward to spending good times venturing into new experiences & spending more time with my family & friends.