Life as a Media student

Just in case you are wondering..

I am still very much alive.

Been very occupied like I always do and it is, indeed very tiring.
But I like the improvement I see in my results,
very much satisfying with the effort that I have put in.

Oh and one more thing,

Thanks to the journalism major this semester.
I sleep, eat, shit, and talk newspapers these days.
Now, that is what I refer to as turn off.


Workload of assignments. 

I barely have the time to do my nails and they are naked now.
My hair is getting drier and they need treatment so badly.
My eyes are getting smaller and smaller each day.
Pimples popping out left, right, up, down and everywhere..

Screw assignments. What have you done to me?

I so can’t wait to get my ass off to Singapore this coming holiday.
Timeout from assignments is definitely needed so badly!
But oh well, I guess for the time being..
I don’t have a choice but to keep my grades going isn’t it?

* Big Grins *

What doesn’t KILL, makes you STRONGER.

Its 12.26am now.

While I was supposed to come up with dazzling ideas for my upcoming digital storytelling assignment, here I am to blog. Dammit. My inspiration is running low these days and I easily distracted once more. Doesn’t sound like a good thing to me.

Back to the point of this post, I realized I have slightly changed.  Well, people have been telling me I do as well. And if you were to ask me what’s the reason behind all this. honestly, I DON’T KNOW. But one thing for sure, I know this has something to do with the confrontation in my previous post (which I have already removed).  The unnecessary feelings still comes and go and this sucks big time. I despise the fact that sometimes my mind goes on auto-pilot flashing back to the past rather than to think what is up tomorrow. 


I mean what’s the point of looking back?

Things would never change, however people like YOU and me do. What has been said and done will remain as a lesson to be learned or maybe, reminiscences. Regardless how long it takes, I need to be all right. I miss being myself, the one who is problem free and doesn’t go stoning most of the time. I really do.

I feel obliged that my family and friends was being supportive by understanding my situation. Especially my dad, he never fails to make me a happy girl or I say it in a better way – pampering me like a princess. Oh and my cousin sister too, she was most of the time there listening and accompanied me through against all odds. They shared their smile with me in order to gain mines back. Now why should I waste their effort? Thanks all, and I love you all heaps.


And so I turned my focus to my studies lately.
Oh yes, you didn’t heard me wrong. I said STUDIES.


I’m still waiting for the Universities in Australia to respond to my application.
Credit transferring can be a pain in the ass but oh well,
this is what I get when I couldn’t make up my mind in the first place back in foundation years.
Don’t get me wrong. I like staying in Taylor’s but..
to the fact that UniSA is in Adelaide kind of altered my perception.
Melbourne does sounds like a better place to be.
But wait. Who knows I might end up furthering my studies in Adelaide instead.
Let’s just pray for the best from my application.
3 weeks seems like forever when it comes to waiting!

News reporting, 
newspaper design, 
and digital storytelling storyboard,

are all due this week

I can only hear drums in my head.
It’s like a endless battle.

As much as I am reluctant to start working on my assignments,
I do enjoy spending time with the crazy bunch of mates.