Trippin’ within Australia

Nature trippin’ to Hobart, Tasmania

This is an EXTREMELY BELATED post.

It’s exactly one year later, today,
that I came across my Hobart folder in my laptop and realized that I didn’t do much about it.
Reason being after taking 17 days leave off from work to head back to Melbourne to run some errands,
I came back to my job with tons of follow up to do that I eventually forget to update about it.

So the initial plan was to Cairns but since Marcus and I are such procrastinators, we missed the cheap deals. While looking for other options, we then decided it will be Hobart since we have not been to Tasmania.
Of course I am not expecting Hobart to be like Melbourne with high-rise buildings,
I knew that I will be doing plenty of sightseeing and nature cruising.
Thus, do expect yourself coming across lots of sceneries’ photos below!

tasmania_mz (1)

tasmania_mz (3)

tasmania_mz (4)
Accommodation was fairly reasonable in Hobart.
Through Airbnb, we booked an entire 2 bedroom home at Moonah (approx 5km from CBD) for $358.
We stayed for 5 days 4 night, so that would be just $89/per night.
We touched down at about 8pm and had a late check-in.
The first night was pretty much just about settling in and having Domino’s for dinner.

tasmania_mz (30)
tasmania_mz (31)Bedroom #1 – one single bed & one double bed

tasmania_mz (38)Bedroom #2

tasmania_mz (32)

tasmania_mz (33)Shower & bathtub

tasmania_mz (34)

tasmania_mz (37)

tasmania_mz (35)

tasmania_mz (36)Kitchen was stocked up with food & necessary spices for cooking purposes

tasmania_mz (5)

tasmania_mz (6)

tasmania_mz (7)Breakfast before we start our day

tasmania_mz (8)Our cottage home’s view from the outside in the morning

tasmania_mz (9)

tasmania_mz (40)View of Mount Wellington from the neighbourhood we are living in

tasmania_mz (55)

tasmania_mz (19)

One piece of advice while in Hobart,
It’s necessary to get around, especially to places of interest as the public transport is mostly within the town. The lifestyle in Hobart is pretty much laid back and slow-paced as compared to Melbourne or Malaysia. We even have to slow down for the duck to cross the road I kid you not!

tasmania_mz (14)

tasmania_mz (29)

Places that we visited consists of the following :

1) The Blow Hole and Tasman Arch

Its freezing and the wind is so strong over there!
I barely could keep my hair in place so please excuse my messy look.
Undeniable it was a breathtaking scenery. Pretty similar with what there is to offer at Great Ocean Road.

tasmania_mz (41)

tasmania_mz (42)

tasmania_mz (46)

tasmania_mz (45)

tasmania_mz (43)

tasmania_mz (44)

2) Bruny Island 

We took the ferry service into Bruny Island and basically drove around the whole place within 3 hours or so. Did a couple of pit stops whenever we see a place/beach in that island that amazes us.
I don’t know why but the island seems so people-less and quiet in a way?
Guess it was because we went over during a weekday,
it should be pack with people since its a tourist attraction.

tasmania_mz (18)

tasmania_mz (16)

tasmania_mz (17)
So, we stopped by a couple of beaches on the island and Marcus, who’s being so adventurous,
Was hopping from one side to another that there was once after I turn my head around,
he was no where to be seen already.

MY HEART STOPPED, like literally.
Firstly, cause when I took a glance around me, I was all alone.
Like I am stranded in an island in the middle of a Hunger Game session.
( imagining someone will jump out of no where to kill me )
Secondly, I thought Marcus was swept away by giant wave. Scary okay!
Then out of no where after a while, he hopped out from one corner at the side of the beach.


tasmania_mz (51)
tasmania_mz (49)

tasmania_mz (49)

tasmania_mz (50)

tasmania_mz (54)

tasmania_mz (53)

tasmania_mz (52)

3) Hog’s Breath Cafe 

After almost every meal was either takeaway or home-cooked in Hobart,
we decided to try the Hog’s Breath in Hobart CBD out.
Pork Ribs.  YUMMY. As good as the one at Hurricane’s Grill.
Finger lickin’ good!

tasmania_mz (23)

tasmania_mz (24)

tasmania_mz (25)

tasmania_mz (26)

4) University of Tasmania (UTas)

After we finished our early dinner and since there is nothing better to do,
We took a stroll around the city and decided to pay the only university in Hobart a visit.
We drove to the Sandy Bay’s campus and chilled for a bit over there.
Very campus life, indeed. Reminded me a lot of Deakin University Waurn Ponds campus.
And to prove that us coming from Victoria, was there for a visit, we posed with our student IDs.

tasmania_mz (27)

tasmania_mz (28)University of Melbourne & Deakin University represent, yo!

We actually visited Port Arthur, MONA (Museum of Old and New Art), and many others places too.
But yeah, its a little too long to include them in this blog post.
Will write about it in a separate one later when I have the time to.
MONA is interesting though, highly recommend anyone going to Hobart to have this in their itinerary.

tasmania_mz (56)

Hobart isn’t too bad of a place to visit if you needed a getaway from busy city life. When I said laid back and slow-paced lifestyle, I really mean it. The town becomes so quiet after 5pm and I don’t recall seeing McDonalds or any fast food chain nearby.

Looking forward to conquer Cairns and Alice Spring soon.
Till then, back to reality for now.



Gold Coast & Warner Bros Movie World

Back to sunny Gold Coast once more!  But this time around, its with the family.
I love Gold Coast, like really. It gives me the 100% relaxing holiday feel.
Even lil’ sista & my parents liked it here way better than in Sydney.
They reckon its much more hectic over there as compared to Gold Coast.

Well, true enough.

It seems more crowded in Sydney with builidings, traffics and people.
Surfers Paradise at Gold Coast on the other hand, is way less congested..
and there are palm trees around ya’ all!

Stayed in The Towers of Chevron Renaissance Surfers Paradise (2 bedroom apartment).
Price were pretty affordable as it was $160/night.
It was initially more than this but since I am a return customer,
they gave me a cheaper rate. How cool is that?

So what do you think of the place? A place worth for $160 per night isn’t it?
And its strategically located in the middle of Surfers Paradise,
where Coles, 7-11, shopping mall, bus stop to Movie World is just TWO FRIGGIN MINUTES away!
Its so convenient that when we forget something after grocery shopping,
we can just head down once more to get them.

And with such pretty kitchen, I am always tempted to cook.
So I did. My parents loved the meals that I prepared.. mostly consist of seafood (prawns & scallops).
But yeah, we still do eat out most of the time.
Too lazy to cook after a whole day out. Not like I am very keen to do dishes on my vacation.

Stir fried shrimp & scallop with mixed leaf salad

Seafood tomyam noodle

Toast, sausages, bacon, ham, scrambled eggs and etc

Alright, enough about the apartment because one word describe it all.
Highly recommended for whoever that is heading over to Gold Coast.
Information on the apartment are as stated above, just click into the link will do.

Warner Bros Movie World

Aside from the shopping at Surfers Paradise and the beach,
the theme parks works as the main attraction for Gold Coast.
So how can we miss going to Movie World?
Lil’ sista was all excited about it and to my surprise, my parents (especially dad) was as well.
I guess it’s just a place for both young and old.
Though I had been there before with my Uni mates, I still am enthusiastic about it ♥


Officially 365 days.

The first time I touched down at Melbourne, was last year on 16th February 2011.
So yes, it has been 1 whole good year being away from my comfort zone.
I am pretty proud of myself despite the fact that others would say I couldn’t survive abroad,
Well, true enough. Even I don’t think I could survive living abroad away from my family and friends.

But hell yeah, I did it !

You know, I have always thought that..
going abroad for studies means I will be stuck in this one place for a period of time.
Like to study every freaking day and all I do is go to classes, back home, cook dinner and sleep.
But apparently, I was wrong. Or should I put it this way,
the situation has proved me wrong.

This year itself I have traveled around / in and out of Australia for 7 times, in total.
Which equivalent to 14 times flying on flights whereby I have to say..
the less favourable airline that I have fly with would be Royal Brunei Airlines.
Yes. It may be the cheapest among premium airlines available around but I have to say,
the transit period in between actually was the one that kills me the most.
I shall not get to the ranting part about Royal Brunei because it will take forever.

Anyway, for being able to fly for 7 times even though its a Uni year for me,
I would like to thank my parents for all that happened.
Without them I wouldn’t be able to travel to places that I wanted to.
And oh, my parents are the cutest I tell you.
Mum would always text me before I fly reminding me to take my passports and etc.
On the other hand, dad would always call me..regardless before departing or upon arrival all the time.
I don’t know why he does that but he just do.
I reckon he forgets that international roaming is expensive,
And when I pick up his call, I would be charged as well and its a boom I kid you not.

But yeah, I guess dad just wants to check to see if I am fine.
Now I totally get the meaning when they say, no matter how old we grow,
We will always be the little baby in the eyes of our parents.
Till then, I would be back to blog again about my trip back home for 3 weeks..
My recent Taiwan trip and of course, my Brunei review as well.

Stay tuned.

South Australia – Adelaide for Spring Break


Flew over to Adelaide last week for Spring break to meet up with the Taylor’s buddies.
It was all fun being able to meet up with the homies again.
Loving every single minutes spent there, and hey. Adelaide is not that bad afterall!
Though I’ve always got the perception that it would be so dull and quiet there,
but yeah. When you know what to do when the night falls and with a bunch of outgoing mates around,
it wouldn’t bored the shit out of you.

Would definitely go back there again! ♥
Maybe with my parents when they are over for my graduation.
Oh and Sydney as well, can’t stop thinking about that awesome harbour place there.

The first agenda that took place when I arrived Adelaide was shopping and then clubbing with the girls.
Club Heaven was not too bad, pretty much enjoyed myself most at the R&B upstairs.

Then the next day, I met up with the bunch for Glenelg beach and BBQ.
Love the beach there in Adelaide. They have such soft sands and pretty scenery.
And the sunset is so pretty I kid you not. Perfect for a getaway.
I also saw tons of cute puppies and doggies on the beach.

Found my love in Adelaide as well, yes  its Shisha!
Barely could find this around in Melbourne city though.
Or is it because I didn’t put that much effort in looking for it?
Melbournians, if any of you know there is awesome places for Shisha in the city or about,
do recommend and share with me aites.

So day three is spent with Stephanie, whom I didn’t hang out before with back in Taylor’s but yeah,
managed to get close and connected via technology.
We went to German Town (Hahndorf) and had awesome Germany food and hot chocolate.
Belgium Milk Chocolate and chocolate macaroons, can you IMAGINE THAT?
Awesome to the max. Its really chocolateeyyy.

Spend my last day meeting up with them girls, Shinta and Cicilia.
It has been such a long while since we last met as we used to hangout pretty often back in college,
So yeah. It was a must to meet up! And I totally had fun catchin up with them.
We went to the aboriginal’s museum, and for a split second – I am doing something like a tourist.
Oh and we had AB as well, the big chunk of meat that is topped with fries and sauces.
Yummmylicious and its a must try if you are over to Adelaide.

Gonna miss them girls. I wonder when will it be again until we meet?
Since this might be the last time we can eat and chat together,
as you girls will head back to Indonesia after studies and etc.

And on the last night I was in Adelaide,
we had some sort of a farewell dinner for me at this Indian restaurant with the entire Taylor’s buddies.

I have to say – Adelaide was awesome.
And once again, I managed to spend my break doing something productive.
South Australia.. you have definitely treated me well.
Thanks again girls, for your awesome hospitality and all.

Next up on the list – Gold Coast in October.
Definitely so looking forward for this one, excited much!