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Coffee Sprex – Mini Cafe operated by the Deafs at Taman Mayang, PJ

It’s not every day you come across a café that serves you inexpensive good food by the people, who the community generally considered as less fortunate. But the question is – how different are they from us? That aside for now, let me first share how did I find out about this place.

My aunt who lives around PJ area told me during a casual conversation that “there is this café that serves reasonable priced breakfast & the portion is relatively huge”. So, I took her words for it and headed over to check the place out.

coffee-sprex (1)

Coffee Sprex is half of a shop lot kind of café, thus don’t expect it to be as fancy and spacious like those hipster coffee joints that you may frequent to. The space is also fairly small so it is best to pay a visit with a crowd of less than 4 person; that is if you want to sit in one table together.

coffee-sprex (2)
Looking at the menu just leaves you indecisive on what to order. Though choices are somehow limited but imagine this – All Day Breakfast Set for RM5? Or Bacon Aglio Olio for RM7.50? I couldn’t believe myself such prices still exist, especially with the GST implemented in almost every eateries in Malaysia these days.

Obviously I had to go for The All Day BIG Breakfast (RM9.50). It comes with a Chicken Bratwurst, 2 Eggs, Bacon, Luncheon Meat & 2 slices of toast. Before you start chomping on the plate of goodness, a medium-sized bowl of corn flakes & unlimited house pouring coffee will be served first. Yes, The All Day BIG Breakfast comes with corn flakes too.
What a deal!

coffee-sprex (3)
coffee-sprex (5)
coffee-sprex (7)

Besides that, we had Carbonara Macaroni (RM5) as well as Bolognese Pork & Cheese Baguette Dip (RM5). Both tasted good.

coffee-sprex (6)
coffee-sprex (4)

There was no communication breakdown at all. The servers took our order easily with us indicating what we wanted by pointing at the menu. General basic hand signs was sufficient enough to convey requests like to refill your coffee, to get more butter, serviettes, etc.

They say good things are meant to be shared so here’s one hidden gem with affordable and good breakfast that I would highly recommend people to pay a visit.



Sizzler – Steak, Seafood & Salad in Thailand

Just got back from Hatyai with the family last week.
The family & I decided on this trip at such short notice so the flight tickets were somewhat costly. I guess it’s also because AirAsia was the only airline that flies to Hatyai from KL, hence there was no other alternative other than driving ourselves or commuting on a bus there.

Oh. Did I mention that it has been 15 years since I last visited this part of Thailand? With this trip to Hatyai once again after so many years, undoubtedly Bangkok still wins my heart – shopping was way better over in BKK. Nevertheless, good time was spent with the family where we diggin’ to loads of local Thai delicacies and of course, the street food.

This brings me to the point of this post.
A place where I would highly recommended everyone who goes to Hatyai to pay this eatery a visit. Note that this place doesn’t exactly represent Thai local delicacies but because IT SERVES LIP-SMACKING PORK (true story and not exaggerating), I just had to share it with you guys.

Sizzler is strategically located at Lee Gardens Plaza at Level 2, where our hotel is located as well in the same building. It’s exactly in the central of Hatyai city so it is hard for you to miss it.

* Sizzler is not only available in Hatyai but throughout Thailand. You can check their locations out here.

07 06

All you need to do is order yourself a main course and then you are on your way to enjoy the awesome free-flow salad bar with overwhelming servings like edamame, red cabbage, bacon bits, roasted pumpkin, salsa, & many more that comes in a freshly manner. Furthermore, there are free-flow soup, pasta and desserts too. Just look at the choices that they have.

One reason why I adore Sizzler is that they have combination meal like fish & pork, beef & pork, chicken & fish, etc. They do have meat served by its own as well but I highly recommend that you try their combination platter out because you can have the best of both world from only 399baht onwards. I reckon the price is reasonable with the quality of food served.

These are what we had at Sizzler.
All lip-smackingly delightful.
That my friend in ordinary term would means, DELICIOUS!

IMG_9308My portion of greens from the Salad Bar01BBQ Pork Boston
0203Char-Grilled Beef Loin & Pepper Pork Loin

04Grilled Basa & Pepper Pork Loin

08Mixed Grilled Seafood

And if you were to ask me what’s the best, I would say – Pork Loin.
The meat is particularly tender and juicy that gives you happiness in every bite you take.That is why the pork loin is compulsory to try with either chicken, beef, fish or seafood.

Writing this now actually makes me miss having Sizzler already  T__T
Oh well, until my next trip to Thailand..
ending this post with a selfie with my lil’ sista after a satisfying meal.



The Gardens Residence and Alexis Bistro

Had a pretty intense month right after Chinese New Year.
But during these times, I learned that I’m very blessed to be a part of a kin with strong family bonds,
both from my mom and dad’s side. Indeed, I am feeling grateful.

Anyhow, flashback to October last year – Sharon’s Bachelorette Party at Garden’s Residence.
The irony, though. Sharon is close to 6 months pregnant now,
and I’m just about to talk about her bachelorette night.
But I insist on writing up a post about this for two reasons :

i) To highlight the awesomeness of The Gardens Residence
ii) To pen down a memorable occasion of celebrating my closest cousin’s last day of singlehood

We started this off as a surprise. So, lil’ sista has to distract Sharon (to meet up with us later) while me and Melody checked in to the apartment first and started decorating everywhere with balloons and etc. But before we do so, I was impressed with how simple and comfy the apartment is the moment I stepped in. It’s affordable for the amount of money we pay a night! Plus point, the kitchen is fully-equipped with all cooking utensils available as well as utensils.


IMG_4327The living room

IMG_4328The kitchen area

IMG_4422IMG_4424Cooking utensils and all kind of cutlery



IMG_4341The master bedroom

IMG_4004The master bedroom’s bathroom

IMG_4337The another bedroom


IMG_4439The view outside of the apartment

And we took like a gazillion shots before we leave the apartment to do some shopping and massage.
Hehe. Typically us, girls.




IMG_4378Siblings LOVE! 

We had our dinner at Alexis.
Food was good especially the dessert – Mixed Berry Meringue and Tiramisu. It’s a total foodgasm!



IMG_4489Grilled Marinated Calamari

IMG_4484Salad Bowl

IMG_4490Baked Button Mushroom Tapas

IMG_4496Gamberetto Pizza

IMG_4501Angelhair Aglio Olio

IMG_4503Slow Roasted Duck Magret

IMG_4509Mixed Berry Meringue


An awesome day celebrated. Now, I can’t wait to organize the baby shower for my cousin dearest.
Oh, how time flies. What’s next after baby shower? Baby’s full month.. baby’s 1st birthday.. etc.
Yes. I am very excited to be an aunt again.


Lemon Garden Cafe, Shangri-La Hotel KL

Before I start posting scrumptious food pictures that will make you drool,
Please allow me to say this..

I am loving my fake lashes.

Just yesterday, out of randomness I was thinking,
hey, why not just put on the fake lashes without eyeliner for today!
Guess I wasn’t in the mood for eyeliner so yeah,
lucky thing it does makes the eyes look big as well.
Just double eyelid glue, mascara and fake lashes then I am all good to go.
Have to get more of these awesome lashes when I go to Taiwan again.

Alright, back to what I’m suppose to blog about today – Lemon Garden Cafe at Shangri-La Hotel.
So both my besties treated me to a meal there as my birthday gift.
I’ve heard a lot about Lemon Garden, endless conversation about going to this place and etc,
and voila! Guess it was the perfect time and reason to dine there.

The first thing that caught my eye when I got in..

The chocolate fondue fountain!
It comes in two – white chocolate and milk chocolate.
The happiness that I see in those kids’ eyes.
Oh and mines as well. I was seated just beside the fondue section.

I like the arrangement on how the food is displayed at Lemon Grass buffet.
Its positioned according to the type of cuisine by corners.
Especially the dessert’s corner, extremely tempting I kid you not.

Bread section – bun, bread-stick, baguette, ciabatta, etc

Cheese section – gruyere, livarot, cream cheese, etc

Sushi section

Noodles section

Just half of the dessert section

Seafood chowder

Fresh oysters

Fresh scallops and prawns

Noodles in clear soup

Very yummy satay – comes in chicken/beef

Mini tarts and fondue-d fruit sticks

Ending this post with a snapshot together with my besties.
So yes people, do give Lemon Garden Cafe at Shangri-La Hotel KL a try if you haven’t.
Trust me, it is worth the money you are paying.