Street Style Ways to wear Blazers


It’s 29th February today.

That makes it a leap year with additional ONE [1] day for us to feel younger about ourselves. Since it’s not every year that I come across 29th February, I decided to share & write about other than my usual norm on travelling & foodies.

As how people generally know me, I am a sucker for black outfits. Because undoubtedly, I see it as the most reliable colour that can go with anything else and EVERYONE KNOWS how it also hides those extra flesh and make us look somewhat thinner. You don’t know how much this colour has saved me from looking crappy in photos okay! #truestorybro


Yet, I don’t exactly dress up like Wednesday Addams every single day.
I don’t, like really.

I will ensure that I pair up some colours to go with my black outfit and most of the time,
blazer will be my ultimate choice.

I understand how blazers are to be seen as a formal type of outfit but throughout the years, it has definitely evolved into a trendy piece [and it keeps getting better & chic] to be wore on any time of the day. Women especially can rock the blazers in almost every situation – be it to work, parties, events, dates or even a casual day out.

And if you are clueless on the street style fashion looks to style wearing blazers. I reckon what you are about to read below may inspire you to be creative and pull an outfit together :

Bold Prints


Be the center of attention and boost up your mood by wearing bold print blazers. Bold prints will absolutely make you stand out in the crowd due to its trendy touch. Pull it off with a pair of boyfriend jeans or denim shorts for a rugged look on a casual day out. The trendy design of the blazer will make you appear energetic and in control in front of others.

Business Casual


Perk up those formal cut blazers by matching it with a combination of tank tops, skinny pants and high heels for the office. Look stylish at work or a business meeting and impress others with how amazing you appear. Be extra creative to pull that modern professional look while still looking fashionable from head-to-toe.

Floral Power


For the ladies who want to appear feminine, you can never go wrong with florals. Floral blazers will definitely perk up your girlish appeal easily. Match it with a plain base coloured skirt and flaunt the sweet outfit to a special date or a girl’s day out. Complete the outfit with a nice pair of wedges or high heels and step out with confidence.

So there you go, different way that you could flaunt your outfit with various kind of blazers. Because again, what could ever go wrong with pairing them with black, isn’t it?