Coffee Sprex

Coffee Sprex – Mini Cafe operated by the Deafs at Taman Mayang, PJ

It’s not every day you come across a café that serves you inexpensive good food by the people, who the community generally considered as less fortunate. But the question is – how different are they from us? That aside for now, let me first share how did I find out about this place.

My aunt who lives around PJ area told me during a casual conversation that “there is this café that serves reasonable priced breakfast & the portion is relatively huge”. So, I took her words for it and headed over to check the place out.

coffee-sprex (1)

Coffee Sprex is half of a shop lot kind of café, thus don’t expect it to be as fancy and spacious like those hipster coffee joints that you may frequent to. The space is also fairly small so it is best to pay a visit with a crowd of less than 4 person; that is if you want to sit in one table together.

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Looking at the menu just leaves you indecisive on what to order. Though choices are somehow limited but imagine this – All Day Breakfast Set for RM5? Or Bacon Aglio Olio for RM7.50? I couldn’t believe myself such prices still exist, especially with the GST implemented in almost every eateries in Malaysia these days.

Obviously I had to go for The All Day BIG Breakfast (RM9.50). It comes with a Chicken Bratwurst, 2 Eggs, Bacon, Luncheon Meat & 2 slices of toast. Before you start chomping on the plate of goodness, a medium-sized bowl of corn flakes & unlimited house pouring coffee will be served first. Yes, The All Day BIG Breakfast comes with corn flakes too.
What a deal!

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Besides that, we had Carbonara Macaroni (RM5) as well as Bolognese Pork & Cheese Baguette Dip (RM5). Both tasted good.

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There was no communication breakdown at all. The servers took our order easily with us indicating what we wanted by pointing at the menu. General basic hand signs was sufficient enough to convey requests like to refill your coffee, to get more butter, serviettes, etc.

They say good things are meant to be shared so here’s one hidden gem with affordable and good breakfast that I would highly recommend people to pay a visit.