Singapore Airlines Review

Shihlin Night Market & Taipei City

 I went to Taiwan one week after
I got back to Melbourne from Malaysia.

Actually, it was yet another impromptu decision to head over to Taiwan.
One fine day, when I was trolling around in the city doing some shopping in Swanston St,
I came across a tram written – ‘ Time for Taiwan ‘ on its advertisement. So I sort of stoned for a bit like I always do,  then suddenly I recalled my cousin, Sharon is going to Taiwan after Chinese New Year. And this is where my urge of tagging along comes about.
Reason being is because Sharon’s boyfriend could read and converse in Mandarin really well. So yes, mind me. Pretty obvious I was riding on this advantage to pay Taiwan a visit.
As I am not much of a mandarin speaker myself and I can’t read traditional Chinese characters. Plus the fact that I would never ever thought of heading over to Taiwan unless under two circumstances,

1)  Someone who could speak and read chinese well comes together for the trip.
2)  if I win free trip to Taiwan. Wtf haha oh god please make this for real tomorrow!

Anyway, this is where it all begin.. I started looking for flight tickets to Taiwan.
Of course my flight ticket would be really pricey because I booked pretty last minute.
But heck, I was determined to go so I decided to fly with my top most favourite – Singapore Airlines. It was a long haul flight. 12 freaking hours plus all the transit hours in between, it was 16 hours. I could fly to UK already with that kind of hours I kid you not.

I always opt to take night flights because all I want to do is JUST SLEEP on board and coincidentally, all my previous flights and this one falls around 1-ish in the morning.
I got aisle seating this time and was so not happy about it.
Even at the counter, when I was requesting for windows seating for my flight from Singapore to Taipei, they told me the flight was full and there was only middle seating available for me.

THE HORROR! I was so upset that I literally wanted to pay extra to have windows seating.
But of course there was no such policy so all I could do was wait until I get to Changi Airport and then to double confirm at the transit counter again. Urgh.

Scrumptious flight meals, Singapore Airline never fails to impress me. See. I’ve got two bread rolls because I requested for one extra and they gave me. Unlike Brunei Airlines, who said they couldn’t give me extra because they are shortage of buns. BOO!

Randomly taking photos at Changi Airport while waiting because it was 6am in the morning, the airport was pretty empty and lifeless and I was half awake feeling sleepy.
Couldn’t wait to get on my another flight to Taipei soon because I wanted to sleep so badly.
And I managed to get the windows seating that I wanted  by the way. How lucky!
I didn’t finish my meal on my flight to Taipei from Singapore..
Just had two bites of the omelette and some fruits and then I dozed off.

Reached Taipei at about 1pm and had to wait for the couple to come over from Malaysia,
which happen to be an hour later flight, so it was not too bad.
The line at the passport control was CRAZY I tell you. It was super long and I’ve waited for 20 mins! And I thought it was after holiday season already that people had stop traveling. Had some confusion meeting up with the couple after they’ve arrived Taipei because we were in different terminal and etc.
So yeah. Wasted about 30 bucks to make the phone calls just to look for each other.
Then cousin’s boyfriend’s colleague in Taipei came and pick us up from the airport.

Our hotel room provides us with condom, VERY NICE.
Too bad the couple couldn’t put it to good use because I was freaking there.
HAHA. I feel like such an ass for crashing their trip that they couldn’t put this to good use.
Instead of a couple trip it became a threesome trip. The more the merrier what. No?

Headed over to Shihlin Night Market after we checked into our room and etc.
Was so excited to go over to Shihlin because I’ve heard so much about this place.
Yeah, damn right it was the food over there that I heard about. Too tempting.
I shall let the photos do the talking.
Yummy yumm yumm! ♥

Tummy was so bloated that night after eating those scrumptious foodies.
Rubbed tummy and went to bed happily that night.
and then comes day two – a whole day dedicated to shopping only, my favourite past time.
I realized most of the things in Taiwan was cheaper.. as in their Uniqlo, Daiso and Face Shop. In Malaysia, everything in Daiso is RM5 but in Taiwan, its everything for  NT$39 (RM3.90). Also, the nail polishes at The Face Shop over there is just NT$48 (RM4.80).

I know its just RM1 and RM0.20 difference but if you buy in bulk,
the differences is BIG OKAY!

Even their branded goods like handbags were much cheaper. We explored Coach, LongChamp, Nine West and a few others. All were reasonably cheaper and especially when they have discounts during sales. And plus we get to have VAT refund, so that makes us more tempted to get our hands on those babies.

So I bought tons of mask because they were so cheap and smells so fruity-ly good.
And 2 winter boots because they were freaking pretty, cute frame glasses, fake awesome lashes, and the list goes on and on. Shopping is paradise in Taipei and I have to admit,
I’ve not done enough shopping there and are dying to go back for MORE.

Headed over to the Sun Yat-Sen Memorial Hall for a while on our way to Taipei 101.
As I am not very much a museum kind of person and my main intention was to only shop in Taiwan, I just chilled outside at the park while waiting for the couple who had ventured into the memorial hall. As usual, all I did was just stone and stares in reminiscence (I’m getting pretty good at that already wtf).

Phew. I totally couldn’t feel my feet after a whole day of shopping.
But it was all worth it because I got myself few good stuffs.
Will continue blogging about my Taiwan trip in the upcoming post,
Got to run some errands now. Toodleoo!

Stay tuned.